English Teaching Jobs in South Korea

TEFL jobs South Korea - Apply for English teaching jobs today!Private and public school TEFL jobs in South Korea. Find English teaching jobs in South Korea and apply today! Why teach English in South Korea? High-paying jobs, free accommodation, no experienced required! South Korea is perfect for recent university graduates who want to teach English abroad. If you have a degree and an accredited TESOL certificate, you can apply for the best TEFL jobs in South Korea today!

South Korea TESOL Certification

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Gyeongju South Korea TEFL Tourism

Gyeongju experienced a period of constant invasions and wars after the fall of the Shilla Dynasty. It wasn’t until the 20th century that its cultural revival began and the government of South Korea continues to preserve and restore the beauty of ancient buildings up to this day.

Presently, Gyeongju is the second most populated area in the province of North Gyeongsang. One cannot truly admire and discover Gyeongju’s charm without taking several days to stroll upon its historical roads that speak of the older days.

Gyeongju has the most beautiful and exquisite monuments in the country. Some of its historic treasures include Gyeongju Yangdong Village, Cheomseongdae (A 7th century observatory), ancient burial mounds, and the Bulguksa Buddhist temple. Last but not least, numerous flowered hills are scattered across the land, adding a colourful touch.

Besides its rich historical legacy, Gyeongju has played a major role in shaping contemporary South Korean culture with great economic, demographic, and social contributions. The major economic contributor to the region is tourism, while industrial centers continue to rise at a steady pace. Rail and highway networks connect Gyeongju with the rest of the country.

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Jeju South Korea TESOL Certification & Tourism

White sandy beaches and exotic palm trees, welcome to Jeju Island, the Hawaii of South Korea.

Jeju enjoys a panorama of spectacular volcanic landscapes. Hallasan with its prairie, Ilchulbong with its awesome volcanic cave, Udo Island with its white sandy beaches, and Seogwipo with its colourful coral offer TESOL teachers an unforgettable experience. Every year, South Korea welcomes over 2,000 young university graduates who hold a recognized TESOL certification, and Jeju is one of the preferred destinations for teaching English.

Teaching experience is not required and those who hold a 100-hour TESOL certificate qualify for a higher pay level at EPIK.

TEFL Seoul

Rejuvenated from the rubble of the Korean War, Seoul reshaped itself from a dull concrete landscape to a modern and green urban centre that earns the title of ‘miracle of Han’.

Walk down the Cheonggyecheon, the revitalized Han River park that turns the metropolis into a recreational marble. The Namdaemun gate also provides a wonderful escape from the anxieties of urban life, as parts of it twist over the forested mountains surrounding the city.

The joy of eating, strolling down modern streets, and general merrymaking are all in abundance from Apgujeong’s chic designer boutiques to Hongdae’s bars and restaurants.
Seoul is a great place to teach English. Get your TESOL certificate and apply now!

TEFL Tourism South Korea

Constantly marching ahead, forward and forward, never to stop and just hurry; South Korea is a complex and yet a fascinating country with wonders at every nook and corner and technology spurting out at an ever-increasing pace. Energy and joie de vivre of Seoul, ancientness of Gyeongju, bustling port town of Busan, South Korea is an adventurous land set for ESL teachers to discover the rich cultural heritage and wonders of Renaissance and have a great experience.

The roads to the countryside are still less traveled by; for good or for worse. Composed temples, beautiful mountains, unspoiled fishing villages and endless hiking opportunities are still awaiting any Westerners that rarely ever come to this path. Travel to the unspoiled islands of Dadohae Haesang National Park or the charming Buyeo for its historic relics of Baekje and lively market.

High wages and great living conditions make South Korea the top destination for teaching English. Native speakers who completed their university degree and a reputable 100-hour TESOL course, but don’t have any prior teaching experience, earn $2,100/month plus accommodation, bonuses, and other benefits.