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Teach English Abroad and Explore Tokyo!

When you think of Tokyo, modern skyscrapers, large billboards, compact rooms, and lots of people come to mind. Contrary to popular perception, Tokyo offers the best greenery and scenery at its outskirts, with astonishing temples and parks looking over Mount Fuji. Tokyo’s fast-paced culture is highlighted by its unique shopping experience, cozy dinning, and the […]

Teach English in Nagoya – The Industrial Hub of Japan!

  Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan and hosts some of the world’s largest businesses! What an excellent place to start your TESOL career! Nagoya gradually became an industrial hub and, today, it accounts for approximately 70% of Japan’s trade surplus. Major corporations in the automobile and aerospace industries have their headquarter office […]

Spend Your Gap-Year Teaching English in Shanghai!

In the struggle for reaching the top, home-grown tycoons built soaring monuments overnight.  Historically, Shanghai has been the juncture of China with the West and is now a driver for the latest trends in China. Amongst the modernized alleys of Shanghai lies a shabby pathway to the old temples nestling down the alleys with lined […]

Teach English in Beijing and Travel!

Beijing is one of the oldest bastion of China, destined to rule the country forever.  From felled narrow alleys to huge underground bomb shelters, every monument is a relic presenting the political mood of its era. Dating back to the 1045 BCE Zhou Dynast the great variety of architectural styles. Only patient exploration and inquisitiveness can […]

Top Teach and Travel Destination: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China

The Zhangjiajie park, located in northern Hunan, is one of those natural wonders that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. This UNESCO World Heritage Site inspired the movie Avatar for its scenic pillar-like formations and biodiversity. #1 Pick for Traveling in China by EF English Teachers! “It was wonderful! Probably the most […]

Jeju Island Is a Great Place To Teach Abroad!

 Jeju Island  looks a lot like Hawaii because of its white sandy beaches and volcanic landscape with rain forests and waterfalls. It’s really that amazing! English Teachers in South Korea say that Jeju Island offers an unforgetable gap-year experience. Jeju is probably the best place in South Korea for those want to live in a […]

What Makes Bangkok Such a Great City to Teach English?

Bangkok has everything under the sun! Stunning temples, shopping palaces and traditional markets, a lively nightlife, and affordable 5-star restaurants will make you want to stay forever. The top 3 reasons to teach English in Bangkok are: 1- Stunning Architecture: Bangkok is known for its jaw-dropping palaces and Buddhist temples. The most popular ones are […]

Teach English In Beautiful Kyoto!

Kyoto is one of the more sought out cities to teach English in and it is definitely one of the most beautiful and serene. Walk through beautiful gardens and Buddhist temples in Japan’s most traditional city! You can learn so much from teaching English in Japan beyond the history. Learn the language to help you […]